Geodeto 5/2

30/12/2014 09:18

My (my) favourite game Geodeto waits its greatest expansion and change since its launch.

There are some 5 dozens of expansion cards coming in neat sets of new goal groups. Who are the symbols of all continents, who is the biggest European, what is the favourite food in Asia, guess the typical American animal, African sport, etc.

To bring so many new goal groups to the game means to change the scoring a bit.

And how to change the rules and keep the fun in? By special scoring expansion that brings points cards to the game as a part of the game proper. As its name 5/2 says, all is based on these two magic and somehow symetrical numbers. Fives for the best ones, Twos for the seconds in the run. Not everyone can be like Hillary (or Tenzing) first on Mt. Everest, nor like Columbus.

So... what will change?

First what will not. You still get 2 points for any fulfilled goal. 2 points for every Continent. And you will lose a point for every card in your hand (aka non fulfilled goal). BUT Cards of on Continents quit to be a group to beef up hunt for other group cards like Ancient sights, Famous Buildings, Natural records etc.

What I really like is the small twist that you do not need too much of these group cards. Just enough to have the biggest boundle (for 5 points) or second biggest (for - guess - 2 points).

Actually you do not need to wait for official release of Geodeto 5/2 expansion deck to use the new scoring rules.

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